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Tennis Fitness Programs
Fit4Tennis - Fitness Training For Tennis And Specific Fitness Programs To Improve Your Tennis Game

Fitness Training For Tennis

Tennis training must incorporate strength and conditioning on a regular basis in order to develop aerobic and anaerobic capacity, strength and explosive power, speed and quickness and also flexibility.

Following the right fitness training is a must that every player should do. Fit4Tennis will give you the opportunity to work on your fitness by following a specific strength and conditioningTennis Training program for tennis.

By following your fitness program step by step and by being consistent you will see results in a few weeks and this will help you to improve your tennis game.

With any program that you order you will receive at least one strength training workout, two agility workouts, a core strength workout, two cardio training workouts and one stretching routine.



Strength And Conditioning For Tennis

Fit4Tennis is going to help you or your children become better tennis players by following specific and individual fitness programs for tennis. My name is Patrick Muller. I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a focus in tennis, and I developed Fit4Tennis to help players who want to improve their fitness abilities in order to improve their tennis game.

Tennis is a sport with increasing competition and therefore, increasing physical demands. Being fit to play tennis or simply being in good shape is now mandatory in order to compete at higher levels of tennis.




Fitness and Tennis cannot be disassociated anymore. Most tennis players know how to hit ground strokes, but the player with more strength, power, quickness, stamina and flexibility will be the most successful. At every level: professional, collegiate or juniors, we can tell that the best tennis players are usually the ones with the best fitness levels.



Conditioning for tennis has become a very important part in any high performance tennis program. You will find strength and conditioning coaches in most of the better institutions because it is now well known that strength and conditioning exercises can help players to use their full fitness potential on the court.


Fitness for Tennis involves the development of the different physical capacities such as strength, flexibility, endurance, agility, explosive power and speed. A complete tennis player is a player who has a good balance between those different capacities.This is why in a good and efficient training program physical training for tennis players should represent at least 30%of their overall practice time.


Your Fitness Program For Tennis


Strength and Conditioning for Tennis has become a daily routine for most tennis players. With Fit4Tennis I will design specific fitness training for tennis athletes. Regarding your level and needs this will give you 3 to over 6 hours of fitness workouts a week. It will include some strength training, cardiotraining, agility training, and stretching routines; everything you need to improve in order to become a better tennis player.


This is what you will get with a Fit4Tennis program:

  • 4/6 hours of fitness training per weekTennis Player
  • Specific drills for tennis players
  • Individualized program for your needs
  • Strength training routineswith weights that you should be using at the beginning
  • Cardiotraining routines
  • Flexibility routines
  • Agility exercises and specific tennis movement drills
  • Illustrations as well as detailed instructions on how to execute the exercises
  • Number of reps, sets, weights to use and recovery time
  • All in one PDF file

Everything that you would do or learn with a trainer will be in your fitness program. You simply have to follow the instructions and you’ll soon start to see improvement.


Fitness Program Sample Picture



You will find a large selection of fitness programs that are specific for tennis players. Those programs will be individualized regarding your gender, age and fitness training experience. Once you chose the right fitness program that will fit your needs you will then be able to download it instantly and you can start right away to improve your fitness level.


All the programs are designed in a comprehensive way and they will require minimum.


Each of this programs will be a PDF file, so you will need Adobe Reader to open them.





Not everyone has the opportunity to work with a strength and conditioning coach or with a fitness trainer. With Fit4Tennis you can have an individualized fitness program designed to help you improve your overall fitness level. If you are not fortunate enough to have a personal fitness coach, Fit4Tennis is the best substitute.


Fit4Tennis programs are easy to follow and more affordable than a personal fitness coach. Once you receive your order you can follow professionally designed workouts a few hours a week simply by reading the instructions in your program.



Fit4Tennis will give you a specific tennis program including strength training, agility and quickness training, aerobic and anaerobic training and flexibility training. You will learn how to use weights for tennis.This tennis weight training program will give you specific gym workouts that will help you to become more powerful and explosive. Strength training for a tennis player is also very important to prevent injuries that could occur for people who play frequently and at high intensities. Depending on your level and age the weight training will consist of weights, machines, elastic band or body weight workouts. 


Tennis Training





Physical training for tennis has to be a balance between different kinds of tennis training drills and specific workouts for tennis. This should include at least strength exercises with or without weight training workouts and agility drills to improve a tennis player’s quickness on the court. A specific training for tennis also needs to work a lot on the explosive power of the player. This is one of the keys to move well and to be powerful. Last but not least, a good flexibility program to recover and prevent injuries and a lot of cardiotraining will have to be included in a fitness program for tennis in order to build complete athletes that can play and train at very high intensities.


The best tennis players have a good level in all these different areas, and more importantly, they are able to use these physical capacities on the tennis court. A good strength and conditioning program designed by a physical trainer and high intensity during training are key to improve a tennis player’s game.

If you want to become a great tennis player, Fitness Training is mandatory. Fit4Tennis offers you an easy solution to achieve your goals!